Coach Azular

Profile: Coach Azular – Dedicated and Passionate Football Coach

Sulaiman Azeez Adekunle, popularly known as Coach Azular, is a certified football coach who has displayed exceptional dedication and passion for the game. His reputation in Osun State, particularly in Osogbo and its environs, precedes him, as he is highly regarded by those who have had the privilege of working with him. Coach Azular’s previous…

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Lawal Monsuru Olatunde

Lawal Monsuru Olatunde: One of the Most Underrated Defenders in Osun State Football

In the heart of Osun State football, there exists a hidden gem—a defender who has consistently proven his worth but remains vastly underrated. Lawal Monsuru Olatunde, a 20-year-old centre-back, has quietly showcased his talent and skill, commanding the defense and leading his team with authority. After thorough fact-finding, Futball Naija will delve into the career…

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Jide Fatokun

Jide Fatokun: The Coveted Midfielder Drawing Attention from Top Nigeria Premier League Clubs

Jide Fatokun, the talented midfielder from Kwara United, has become the center of attention for several top Nigeria Premier League clubs. After an unsuccessful attempt in the previous transfer window, Remo Stars has reignited their interest in signing Fatokun, considering him a top priority following the departure of Dayo Ojo. Negotiations are underway to lure…

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Family United By Football

Everything You Need to Know about “Family United By Football” (FUBF): The Largest Sports WhatsApp Group in Nigeria

Introduction In the world of sports, especially football, connectivity and shared passion are crucial. Enter “Family United By Football” (FUBF), the largest sports WhatsApp group in Nigeria. FUBF has established itself as a dynamic community, bringing together sports enthusiasts, professionals, and key stakeholders from both Osun State and Nigeria. This article aims to shed light…

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Tunde Shamsudeen

Meet Tunde Shamsudeen: A Top Sports Journalist and Astute Sports Administrator in Nigeria

In the realm of sports journalism and administration in Nigeria, Tunde Shamsudeen stands out as a prominent figure. With a wealth of experience and a passion for football, he has established himself as a respected sports journalist, astute sports administrator, and football players’ manager. Let’s delve into the life and achievements of this remarkable personality….

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