Reviving Osun Babes: Coach Adebayo Adeshina’s Grand Plans

Osun Babes: Coach Adebayo Adeshina

Exciting Times Ahead” – Adebayo Adeshina, the New Coach of Osun Babes Football Club!

In a recent exclusive interview with the new Osun Babes football club coach, Adebayo Adeshina, popularly known as Elewele by his fans, it became evident that the team’s future is in capable hands. Coach Adebayo’s experience and wealth of knowledge promises a bright and prosperous future for the Omoluabi queens, aiming to regain their rightful place in the Nigeria Women Premier League, the top-tier league for women’s association football in Nigeria.

His Plans For Osun Babes

Coach Adebayo has a clear vision for the team – to revive the Omoluabi queens and reclaim their rightful place by gaining promotion to the Nigeria Women Premier League, the top-level league for women’s association football in Nigeria. His strategy revolves around empowering the girls and unlocking their full potential, ensuring both the team and the players benefit immensely from their growth.

In essence, by helping the players reach their peak performance, the entire team stands to benefit significantly. Not only will the team reap the rewards of this approach, but the individual players themselves will flourish as the team progresses.

Progress So Far

Osun Babes: Coach Adebayo Adeshina
Osun Babes: Coach Adebayo Adeshina

When questioned about the progress since taking charge, Coach Adeshina beamed with pride. He stated, “If you come to our training, you will witness the positive energy in the team. The girls are performing admirably, and I’m optimistic that our fans and supporters will soon cheer for us as we look forward to the new season.”

Criticism of previous management and team officials

Osun Babes: Coach Adebayo Adeshina
Osun Babes: Coach Adebayo Adeshina

Criticism from fans and supporters is part of football, said Coach Adebayo. He sees it as an opportunity for improvement. He believes that constructive criticism can motivate one to do better and make necessary corrections, and he welcomes it as a means to foster growth within the team.

Issues of Indiscipline with the team

Addressing concerns about discipline and camp rules violations, the coach firmly asserts that rules are essential both on and off the pitch. He aims to instill a culture of discipline and accountability, emphasizing that no player is above the rules, regardless of their talent or status.

The coach is committed to instilling discipline within the team and is determined to set clear rules, both on and off the football pitch, including the players’ camp/hostel.

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Responding to queries about the lack of scouts sent to the recently concluded Nigeria Women Football League (NWFL) Championship in Ogun State’s Sagamu and Ikenne

On the matter of scouting new talents, Coach Elewele takes a hands-on approach. Adeshina assured everyone that he personally attended the championship.

His longstanding coaching approach involves identifying raw talent at various competitions, both at grassroots levels and national football championships, and nurturing these players to provide them with a platform to grow and express themselves.

In essence, Instead of relying solely on a scouting team, he personally ventures to various competitions, including grassroots and national football championships, to identify raw talents. He believes in nurturing these players and providing them with a platform to shine, as he has done successfully in the past with players like Nigerian International Adeleye Aniyikaye, Samuel Adegbenro, Hakeem Olalere (Kebu), Rilwan Sadiq, and many others who are now excelling in their respective teams.

Penalty and Set Piece Takers

Osun Babes: Coach Adebayo Adeshina
Osun Babes: Coach Adebayo Adeshina

Addressing the controversy surrounding the penalty miss from the previous season when the ball was taken away from the designated penalty taker, Coach Elewele assured that they have learned from the experience and will implement changes for the upcoming season. This time, the team will adopt a different approach by assigning specific roles to individual players based on their areas of expertise, which will be carefully observed during training.

If a player demonstrates proficiency in taking penalties, the responsibility of penalty kicks will be assigned to her. Similarly, players skilled in corner kicks, free kicks, and throw-ins will have dedicated roles. By strategically allocating responsibilities, the team aims to avoid any repetition of such a disgraceful incident in the future.

Message to the fans and supporters

To the loyal fans and supporters of Osun Babes, Coach Adebayo Elewele understands their passion and dedication. He empathizes with their feelings of joy when the team wins and their disappointment when they lose. He assures them that he and the team will work tirelessly to bring back the glory days and make them smile again. He believes that happiness prolongs life and wants to ensure the fans can enjoy their love for the game without unnecessary heartaches.

With unwavering determination and faith in the team, Coach Adeshina pledged to do everything in his power to restore the glory days of Osun Babes with the grace of God on their side.


With Coach Adebayo Adeshina’s vision, dedication, and remarkable approach, Osun Babes Football Club is undoubtedly destined for greatness. The stage is set, and the countdown to the team’s resurgence has begun. Let’s rally behind our beloved Omoluabi queens and witness their triumphant return to the top-tier league. Together, we will witness the remarkable journey of a team that strives for excellence and success. By the Grace of God, victory will be ours!